[Squeakland] Saving in etoys

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Mon Sep 22 12:03:36 PDT 2008

At Mon, 22 Sep 2008 17:10:17 +1000,
Bill Kerr wrote:
> Sorry, I was mistaken about saving in a non existent folder and failing to save. It was confusing though because the
> folder was 5 layers deep:
> C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\ My Squeak\ Squeaklets
> I don't think this is a convenient default saving location and will cause confusion for those using Etoys for the first
> time. Here is what the beginner will have to do:

  When you save, it should create another (real) copy of the .pr file,
at the location you or the system specifies; It should be under ...\My
Documents\Etoys.  Do you see it?  "Squeaklets" is used for storing
temporary data and the user shouldn't be concerned with it.  (We
should clean it up.)

  You started Etoys as a standalone application by clicking the Etoys
application icon, right?  We have a problem on certain combination of
these things, and some user directory folder ended up with the old "My
Squeak" location.

> Saving by just clicking on the Keep icon (not holding down mouse):
>  ・ Save correctly, this requires clicking on the My Squeak folder

  That would be a bug.  It shouldn't show "My Squeak" (anymore).

>  ・ Note the path of the My Squeak folder is not shown, which makes it harder to locate later
>  ・ Note that it saves in the Squeaklet folder, not the folder that you have to click on but a subfolder of the My
>     Squeak folder. Actually the popup balloon says this, which is confusing language: "Save in the place specified
>     below, and in the Squeaklets folder on your local disc"

  Yes, that sounds wrong.

> Saving by clicking on Keep icon and holding down the mouse:
>  ・ How would a new user know to hold down the mouse? It is not mentioned in the balloon help for the Keep icon
>  ・ I don't see any difference than the Publish and the Publish As... options. I would have thought that Publish As...
>     would offer folders with paths
>  ・ Click on Publish to Different Server. For me that option implies publishing on a network but actually it is what you
>     have to do to obtain the folder with path options
>  ・ Publish This Project window does not offer an option to create your own new folder

  Thank you for the suggestions.  Yes, the default should work and the
menu item names should be cleaned up.

-- Yoshiki

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