[squeakland] Teaching Communication vs Talk

Carlos Rabassa carnen at mac.com
Sun Aug 2 08:10:34 EDT 2009

"They learn to talk by themselves.  Teach them to communicate."

This is from a TV commercial we recently watched,  in Montevideo, in  
spanish, believe it was from the government,  addressed to parents and  

After all we learned at Squeakfest Brazil 2009,  we thought,  "this is  
exactly what the nice teachers we met are doing!"

The children learn very quickly to find the right keys to push,   
almost by themselves.

Very quickly they learn how to get knowledge transferred to their  
screens for them to read and watch.

The many good teachers we listened to,  told us about the E-Toys  
projects they use to teach the kids how to think rather than to  
passively watch another TV-like device.

Once again it became obvious to me,  the new computers and programs,   
such as the XO and E-Toys,  will allow teachers to use their  
specialized knowledge focusing in the areas where it will bear most  

Teaching to communicate rather than to talk.

Versión española disponible en america-latina:


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