[squeakland] Thanks - Our Squeakfest 2009 Report - Obrigado

Carlos Rabassa carnen at mac.com
Sun Aug 2 11:49:24 EDT 2009

Marta Voelcker from Pensamento Digital,  Porto Alegre,  recently  
posted this article in the Squeakland America-Latina forum.

Here is the translation:

Hello all!

Prior to Squeakfest Brazil,  I had contact via e-mail with a nice  
couple of uruguayans.

They had introduced themselves as a couple who had resided in NYC for  
40 years and now,  back in Uruguay,  they enjoy voluntary work,   
helping their country.

We met in person during Squeakfest.

I was most pleased with Carlos and Nenny´s charm,  but I was asking  

how are they going to help?

maybe they have experience in education or computer science?

	If you want to see our answer to Marta´s questions,  it is at:


	We continue with the translation of Marta´s message.

And ... The first big piece of help is already at the end of this  

It is a very rich report on Squeakfest Brasil.

Their dedication and the help we are already receiving from them has  
pleasantly surprised me.

Thanks,  Carlos and Nenny,  for participating in Squeakfest and for  
recording and sharing your impressions and suggestions with us.



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English version:


Versión española:


Carlos and Nenny Rabassa


RAP Ceibal, Uruguay

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