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Marta Voelcker marta at pensamentodigital.org.br
Sun Aug 2 18:45:30 EDT 2009



I would like to thank the Etoys team that came to Porto Alegre and have
joined us at Squeakfest Brasil and World Conference on Computers in
Education www.wcee2009.org 


>From July 23 to 25th we had around 300 people attending Sqeuakfest Brasil at
UFRGS Porto Alegre.  The conference was held in an auditorium for 250 people
and 3 rooms ( located near the auditorium) each room with 20 laptops each.
Hands on workshops on these rooms were always crowded. Colleagues from our
local  research group, Teachers from Uruguay, Kathleen Harness, Kathleen
Smith and Avigail Snir ( from Etoys Illinois) and Randall Caton and children
form Luciana de Abreu School, have conducted hands on workshops. One of the
rooms had focus for developers ( since most attendees were educators), there
Yoshiki, Scott Wallace, Alex Warth, Bert and Rita Freudenberg, plus Gonzalo
Sabala ( Argentina) and Jecel ( Brasil) conducted activities for developers
or activities related to robotics.


On the main room there was several kinds of presentations, from a PhD Thesis
(Edson Lindner) to high school student sharing their experiences. 

Local reports like Sdenka Salas Pilco from Peru, and many friends from
Uruguay where great! Lea Fagundes pleased us with a great presentation “Why
powerful ideas?” and ended the conference with many plans to disseminate the
one to one modality among the more than 20 municipalities attending the


The Squeakfest had a great and  friendly atmosphere. This was the first time
that I organized a conference like this, I could be nervous, but I had the
constant feeling that I was among friends!

I look forward to lead the organization of  the second Squeakfest Brasil for
July 2010!


>From July 27th to 31st I, Tim, Rita, Bert, Scott, Yoshiki, Alex Warth,
Kathleen Harness, Kathleen Smith, Avigail Snir attended WCCE in Bento
Gonçalves, a city near Porto Alegre. There, we have interacted with many
other researchers and students working in different areas on ICT for
Education. We  conducted a Workshop and a Panel about Squeak Etoys.


Well,  two weeks ago few people in Brasil new about squeak etoys.

Now we end the week with a new mailing list America-latina at squeakland.org
with more than 230 participants and many plans for this new local community,
for that and for your friendship and support  I want to say thank you for
all those that came to  Proto Alegre, and for those that couldn´t come, you
can start planning for 2010 J, cause we are certainly going to   gather


Kind regards

 and a I wish you a great Squeakfest in Los Angeles,





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