[squeakland] Quick start guide

Rita Freudenberg rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Mon Aug 10 05:24:48 EDT 2009

Hilaire Fernandes schrieb:
> I am looking at updating for my students the Quick etoys guide as we
> had for post OLPC Etoys
> http://squeak.ofset.org/guide-rapide_etoys.pdf
> Did some of you already update such a guide, if so I will happily
> translate it in French.
Hi Hilaire,

here is a guide how to do that:


We have started with Squeakfest USA today, we are broadcasting here: 
There will be no software meeting today in Qwaq, instead there will be a 
technical session at Squeakfest about 3 pm PDT. You can join us in the 
chat and watch :)


> Hilaire

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