[squeakland] List of EToys suggestions

Karl Ramberg karlramberg at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 15:50:59 EDT 2009

On 2009-08-11 19:28, Ted Kaehler wrote:
>  Session on what We want:
>   For beginners, make it VERY difficult to bring the system to its knees.
>   Way to tell if totally locked up.
>   Using the Frame rate monitor -- if going too slow, warn or stop new 
> objects from being dragged out.
>   Repeated presses on a button, launches too many things -- prevent.
>   Detect and stop recursion in scripts.
>   Colors for script catagories!  Icons for them?
>   Book of many pages with scripts running in each page.  Why do they 
> Keep running?  Is that needed?
>   Touch pad is bad.  Hard to grab things.  (use a mouse).
>   Make Handles on halos even larger!
>   Area around a small object where you can bring up a halo.  As if 
> clicked on the object.
>   Asking for gradual transition to text -- fade away the tiles.
>   Not all tiles are equally relevant -- fade out some of them?  Hide 
> some of them deeper?
>   Dr. Scheme -- gradually reveals features through levels.  6 Levels.
>   Click on a tile in a script, and show where that tile came from, and 
> a help page for that tile.  (does hover work inside a running script?)
>   Remember that can hover over a tile in viewer and see a description.
>   Do Etoys with natural languge -- synonyms for tile names?
>   Levels, but you have to pass a test to get to the next level.
>   Halo Handles move when rotating -- use histeresis so they stay out a 
> certain distance and does not move? After one rotation they stay in 
> one place.
>   Freeze the world and let me edit.
>   Freeze the world and then unlimited undo.  time line/history.
>   Make random composition of scripts easier, as in Scratch.  Snap 
> together or not.  (What are the learning in Scratch?)
>   Need predictability.  Did that sketch drop into a book page or not. 
> Failing to Embed needs Feedback.
>   Microworlds -- packages products that only show some thing, like Dr. 
> Geo (or better example?).  Sandboxes.
>   For any JPEG, an easy way to paint transparent on it -- remove the 
> background by hand.
>   Better interaction between objects -- blocks. Allow planned Natural 
> selection of arrangement?  combinations.  Examples automatically 
> generated.
> Notes by Ted.
Great list. I added this to the Squeakland Wiki : 


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