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We are pleased to transmit answer for 

Rita Freudenberg in Germany from 

Lino Bessonart in Uruguay:

This was the fourth edition of these chats.

Our goal from the first one has been only one:

Eliminate some minor cultural roadblocks on the path of teachers and parents to get to use these tools as their own.

Cultural roadblocks as obvious as the apprehension to use computer technology, laptops, computer programs, internet.

Also other cultural roadblocks that are less evident and more complex,  such as how to acquire knowledge.  These tools have been conceived to get into them playing, proving, making mistakes and on the way get to use more and more of the potential they offer.  Many of us in Uruguay have to win over the custom of acquiring knowledge through someone who facilitates it to us through classes, lectures, books.

The results from these first experiences are what confirms the value of these chats:

- A great percentage of those who participated in Squeakfest Brasil 2009 in Porto Alegre, started this way their path,  individually or in groups,  towards using Etoys or TurtleArt.  But once again,  the objective we had for them:  To get them started on their personal path.

- The use of the Etoys Book as a tool to synthesize the concepts coming from the activities in the classroom became obvious after the first tests.  For this reason,  the current talks start with this subject.

- The use of Book as a tool that the parents could also use and thus reduce the digital gap is something we are betting to.

Carlos & Nenny Rabassa
Montevideo, Uruguay
RAP, Red de Apoyo al Plan Ceibal,
organization distributing
One Computer Per Child in Uruguay

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