[squeakland] English pdf of "Powerful ideas in the classroom" not available?

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Mike and Bill

The reason the english version of the Powerful Ideas Book is not 
available in English is because I am not willing to make it so.  So I 
would appreciate if you do not make it available.  It is in conflict 
with a contract that I have if you give this out to anyone.   I believe 
that you should have at least made an effort to contact me and ask me 
about this.  I do not want the english version of my book to be given 
away for free in hard copy or in pdf format.  So please do not do so.


BJ Conn
Author of Powerful Ideas Book.

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Hi Bill,

I own the book too, but your question made me think it would be nice to 
have this in my Amazon Kindle DX. So I searched a while on Google and 
found a copy of the PDF cached here at a university in Germany:


The 5.5mb file opened fine. It also looks OK on the Kindle. The lack of 
color is tolerable.


On Sat, Aug 29, 2009 at 11:01 PM, Bill Kerr &lt;billkerr at gmail.com&gt; 

"Powerful ideas in the classroom"

I was wondering why the english pdf was not available through the siteI 
did buy a copy a while back but lent it to somebody else and wanted to 
look at an online version in english


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