[squeakland] Musings on the Book Sprint

Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Tue Dec 8 12:42:41 EST 2009

The goal (as I understand it . . .)

   1. Facilitate Understanding (Well that's pretty broad, Understanding of
      1. How it works
      2. How can I use it
         1. To build what I want to build
         2. In general (more abstract version of (item 1.2.1)
         3. With other Objects?
         3. What can I combine with it to build something bigger/better,
      smaller/better, more useful, more fun

Who is the target audiences (yes I know adults, but there are many kinds of
adults just like there are many kinds of spaghetti sauces: see
http://www.ted.com/talks/malcolm_gladwell_on_spaghetti_sauce.html )

   - Teachers
   - College Students
   - High School Students
   - Middle School Students
   - Elementary School Students


   - Textbook (aka Floss Manual)
   - Etoys
   - "ScreenCast"
   - Web Page

Use Cases

   - Teacher
      - What can I teach with this?
         - Underlying core concepts (Sequence, corrdinates, ...)
         - Etoys Concepts
         - CS Concepts
      - How can I use this in a project that will motivate the kid?
      - What will motivate kids and how can I tie this into that?
         - Cartoons
         - Comics
         - Games
         - College Student
   - HS Student
   - Elementary Student
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