[squeakland] Re: Another starter question

Carlos Rabassa carnen at mac.com
Thu Dec 24 14:47:33 EST 2009

James Davis,

I had been wondering about the flaps for a while but, never took the  
trouble of asking.

Thank you for asking so I also enjoy the answers you are receiving.

Since the projects in the Showcase are shared by people at all  
levels,  from experts to guys like me just starting,  instructions are  
very important.

These days I have been looking at ideas for showing instructions.

I liked very much digimath's solution at

Frog Puzzle  (2009-oct-28 22:49 EDT) por Digimath <digimath>

Click on the red Help button and a book opens.

Press the space bar and it closes.

Inspired by this solution and with the desire of putting bilingual  
instructions since most of the community communicates in English and  
most of us in Uruguay communicate in Spanish,  I came up with the  
solution I show at

Aprendo I Learn 005  (2009-dic-22 14:47 EST) por carlos <carlos>
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