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The content has been revised:
Halo Menus: removed the reference to the back arrow that was in the Navigator Bar for 3.8 but is not there in 4.0

Script Tile: X and Y Tiles, corrects my error on page 2 which referred to X instead of Y in the text at the top of the page so it now matches the scriptor tile at the bottom of the page

NavBar: Choose a Language is not on EtoysIllinois yet because she has not sent the Spanish version yet

The world layer is plain, Sdenka removed the light gray text underlay OLPCPUNO

I recently sent Sdenka a note offering to format the positions of the materials in the Spanish guides to account for the changes from Etoys 3.8 to 4.0 but haven't heard back from her yet. Since I recently made the Italian guides and revised the English versions as Quick Guides 2010, I am very familiar with the format and, if she wants me to, could revise the Spanish guides in a day's work. 

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>> Hello,
>> Guias Rapidas de Etoys are Spanish translations of the Quick Guides by Sdenka Salas Pilco of OLPCPuno-Peru. EtoysIllinois is grateful for her work and for allowing us post them on our site. http://www.etoysillinois.org/library.php?tags=Guias%20Rapidas%20de%20Etoys
>> Find out more about the OLPC project in Peru: http://olpcpuno.ning.com
>> If you are working on translations of the guides, please let me know and we could share the work. If you provide translations, I will make the interactive guide projects. I know the format details very well.
>> Regards,
>> Kathleen Harness
>How are these different from the ones Sdenka posted last year?
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