[squeakland] Etoys on Ubuntu: only kinda sorta works

rlo at anamorph.com rlo at anamorph.com
Sat Jul 3 05:47:49 EDT 2010


I've installed eToys on Ubuntu and it starts up, but there are lots of  
flaws. In particular:

* Clicking on almost any project in the Gallery brings up a dialog that says
   "Project Not Found".

* A few Gallery projects do open, but nothing appears in the main window.
   Examples: "Steering the Car", "Car and Pen". The header appears with the
   name of the project, but there's no content in the window.

* The "Help" system is broken. Clicking "Help" brings up a dialog with choices
   like "Navigator Bar", "Paint Tools", etc, but clicking on those buttons has
   no effect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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