[squeakland] weekly wow snafu

Timothy Falconer teefal at waveplace.org
Wed Jul 14 21:05:01 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,

The current Weekly Wow from the Squeakland Showcase isn't an Etoys project, which shouldn't happen.

Currently, the Weekly Wow is chosen from the "article" with the highest points for two weeks past.  Points come from project ranking only.

Admin users have special access to change any article in the system, including the points for an article/project.

Someone got confused and gave the squeakfest articles showcase points when they were logged in as admin, which is how "What is Etoys" became the Weekly Wow.

I've added an issue to the tracker to handle this situation in the future:


I tried to re-run the Weekly Wow to give us another project, but there weren't any to pick from, hence this issue:


Sorry about the mix-up.  I also fixed the error that was being caused by a non-project project being shown. (The servlet exception).

Looking forward to getting back into showcase improvements, so feel free to vote for your top requests:


Take care,

Timothy Falconer
Waveplace Foundation
+ 1 610 624 3760

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