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Thu Jun 3 11:22:10 EDT 2010

I'll redo the guide, thanks for the suggestion.

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>> BTW I wrote a new quick guide to introduce the tick rate feature.
>> http://www.etoysillinois.org/library.php?sl=1075
>Great :) But this is not correct:
>"The upper limit on the number you choose is the processing power of your computer. If the number too big, the script may freeze."
>As I tried to explain in this thread, if the ticking rate is higher than the computer can handle, it will simply be lowered. If you specify 100 ticks per second but your computer can only do 5 updates per second, then it will simply do those 5. But it will not freeze.
>What you set there is the *desired* rate, not the real one, which will practically be lower, always.
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