[squeakland] Re: Horizontal Grid and Dot Table Artifact Comments

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire.fernandes at edu.ge.ch
Thu Jun 3 12:37:43 EDT 2010


Thanks for the suggestion.

Steve Thomas a écrit :
> Hilaire,
> Thank you for sharing these and rendering them within Etoys.  Some thoughts.
>    1. Instead of the die category attribute "dotColor" what about
>       "dotPlayer"
>          1. Then kids could make Table with whatever graphic interests them

Okay, I will give a look to that.

>    2. When I resize a "Dot in Table" the box around the dots, changes in
>       size, but the dots do not move and if you make the box smaller
>       than the area filled by the dots, some of the dots appear outside
>       the box.
>          1. If you change the scale of "Dot in Table" (Ex: to 2.0) it
>             does not behave as described above, but changes size

Right, I will lock the size.

>    3. Change the name to "Dot Table" no need for "in" (actually would
>       want to think about this some more as to what would be an
>       appropriate name in English


>    4. Not sure how you designed this, but what about using a Holder as
>       the "container" for the dots (or as I would prefer players. This
>       provides a lot more flexibility and IMO better metaphors/ideas to
>       play with.  As has been mentioned by Subbu and others, the Holder
>       is great for exploring factoring et al.

No I will not use it as an holder, it wat not exactly the idea. In that 
case just better to use the holder. Also I have another artifact in the 
pipe with a grid and a basket of token. So may be this is what you are 
looking for.

>    5. I would also add a 2nd player variable so that this one object
>       could be used to show fractions/ratios
>          1. I would attach a project  showing what I am thinking about.

Okay I will look. We should definitely write this idea in the wiki.

> If you made the above changes you could really combine the two artifacts 
> into one.

Let's see.

> Many thanks to Randy for posting a project (Die Roll) 
> <http://www.squeakland.org/showcase/project.jsp?id=10016> on Squeakland 
> so that those of us who are not familiar with the Smalltalk tools and 
> how to load the latest versions  can play with these things.

Great idea Randon.


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