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K. K. Subramaniam kksubbu.ml at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 10:02:51 EDT 2010

On Friday 11 Jun 2010 5:50:44 pm kharness at illinois.edu wrote:
> The project I attached is similar to projects I see from young students who
> experiment with huge numbers and find out they can't pause a script.
Before they start running scripts, you may want to introduce them to "All 
Scripts" controller from Supplies. Let them step through scripts to see inner 
workings. This helps them build a mental model of what is happening in their 
project. Otherwise, students will feel lost when scripts run at full tilt.
> It
> combines a large y increase by value and a large tickspersecond. I could
> take back control of Etoys with control-alt-delete or alt-period. I saved
> it with the debug info. 
Place value encoding of a number is so compact that even elders can lose track 
of its implications (cf. wheat and chessboard story). One way to introduce the 
concept is to get students to play an outdoor game:
  a) Think of a digit (say 2) and write it down "2". Take this many steps in 
one direction and count each step.
  b) Think of another digit (say 7). Write it down before the previous one 
("72"). Now take this many steps in the same direction, counting each one.
  c) Repeat step b till exhaustion ;-).

For indoor purposes, the student can jiggle up and down or simply count the 

FWIW .. Subbu

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