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Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Thu Jun 17 15:09:45 EDT 2010


A lot of exciting things are going on in the Etoys community with developers
working on a new version, the upcoming Squeakfest in Wilmington and as we
work towards completion of an Etoys Manual.

We are going through all the objects and tiles in Etoys to see if we can
consolidate things a bit.  As such we are looking for input from the
community on things that may  duplicate functionality or be broken or not
useful.  We have created a web page with the list of items to consider

Here is one entry as a sample, something I originally thought was useless
and duplicate yet learned some new things and found cool uses for it:

*Item*: Hand Magnifier and Magnifier:

*Description*: They both have the same attributes in the magnifier category.
The only difference is "show pointer" is true for the hand magnifier. When
true this shows a dot in the center of the magnifier to indicate where your
mouse is pointing. The only potential use I see for this is when trying to
click on those tiny items (like the "etoys friendly" button or when editing
a picture and you need fine grained control. The open question is whether
the remaining object has "show pointer" set to true or false. They appear to
be functional duplicates

*Cool Usage*:
Having a hard time clicking on those arrows inside a script? Bring out a
Hand Magnifier and you can actually see where your mouse is pointing even on
those tiny arrows and checkboxes.
Kathleen raised a good point that some of her kids bring out multiple
magnifiers and play with them including overlaying magnifiers.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to respond on the squeakland
mailing list.

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