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Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Jun 17 15:33:47 EDT 2010

On 17.06.2010, at 21:09, Steve Thomas wrote:

> Folks,
> A lot of exciting things are going on in the Etoys community with developers working on a new version, the upcoming Squeakfest in Wilmington and as we work towards completion of an Etoys Manual.
> We are going through all the objects and tiles in Etoys to see if we can consolidate things a bit.  As such we are looking for input from the community on things that may  duplicate functionality or be broken or not useful.  We have created a web page with the list of items to consider here

Saw the "Round Glass" is listed there. That is actually a demo for screening: open its halo menu and pin it down. Then play with the "show" options at the bottom. E.g., after you "show screen over source" you can use multiple halo-clicks to get a halo for either the embedded ellipse or the magnifier.

By using a screener you could for example paint your own magnifier. I did that in the attached project.

Not sure why the screener thingy isn't in the object catalog on its own, maybe because it's a bit hard to figure out.

- Bert -

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