[squeakland] problem with location of Etoys players

Louis LaBrunda Lou at LaBrunda.Info
Fri Oct 1 09:28:15 EDT 2010

Hi Bert and Subbu,

>> When I drill down into what
>> looks like the Linux executable and double click on it, nothing happens.
>Which distribution of Linux? Linux is a multi-user system and some distros 
>disable permission to run programs off a memory stick for security reasons. 
>Etoys can still run on those systems if you create a custom launcher button 
>for it.

The Linux is a not too old Ubuntu.

>Try creating a "Application Launcher" iconic button (right click and choose 
>from "Create New") and give the complete path to the etoys.sh file. E.g.
>   sh "/media/disk/Etoys-To-Go 4.1app/etoys.sh"

I think the problem was that I wasn't double-clicking on the correct file
(etoys.sh).  I will give that a try on my sons laptop this weekend.  If
that fails I will try Subbu's suggestion above.

I now have another question buy I will ask it in another post as I don't
want to change the subject of this thread yet again.

Thanks for all the help, Lou
Louis LaBrunda
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