[squeakland] problem with location of Etoys players

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Oct 1 09:44:08 EDT 2010

On 01.10.2010, at 15:28, Louis LaBrunda wrote:

> Hi Bert and Subbu,
>>> When I drill down into what
>>> looks like the Linux executable and double click on it, nothing happens.
>> Which distribution of Linux? Linux is a multi-user system and some distros 
>> disable permission to run programs off a memory stick for security reasons. 
>> Etoys can still run on those systems if you create a custom launcher button 
>> for it.
> The Linux is a not too old Ubuntu.
>> Try creating a "Application Launcher" iconic button (right click and choose 
>> from "Create New") and give the complete path to the etoys.sh file. E.g.
>>  sh "/media/disk/Etoys-To-Go 4.1app/etoys.sh"
> I think the problem was that I wasn't double-clicking on the correct file
> (etoys.sh).  I will give that a try on my sons laptop this weekend.  If
> that fails I will try Subbu's suggestion above.

Thanks. I'm going to add a README.txt in the next release - would that have been helpful to you?


Linux: double-click etoys.sh

Windows: double-click Etoys.exe

Macintosh: double-click "Etoys To Go"


The main purpose of Etoys-To-Go is for putting it on a USB thumb drive. It
does not require to install anything on a machine's hard disk. All the files
are in one directory, including the Etoys projects you save. That makes it
easy to take transport projects e.g. between home and school.

You can also drag Etoys-To-Go.app to your desktop and use it from there.
This is useful if for example your institution's policy does not allow to
install applications. If you can, it still is better to use the installer
version because that will also install the Web Browser Plugin so you can
see Etoys projects on the web without having to download them.

- Bert -

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