[squeakland] problem with location of Etoys players

Louis LaBrunda Lou at LaBrunda.Info
Fri Oct 1 09:56:04 EDT 2010

Hi Bert,

>I'm going to add a README.txt in the next release - would that have been helpful to you?

That would be great!  I read the text below and think it is just right.  It
tells you how to run ETOYS-TO-GO, what it is and why you would want to use


>Linux: double-click etoys.sh
>Windows: double-click Etoys.exe
>Macintosh: double-click "Etoys To Go"
>The main purpose of Etoys-To-Go is for putting it on a USB thumb drive. It
>does not require to install anything on a machine's hard disk. All the files
>are in one directory, including the Etoys projects you save. That makes it
>easy to take transport projects e.g. between home and school.
>You can also drag Etoys-To-Go.app to your desktop and use it from there.
>This is useful if for example your institution's policy does not allow to
>install applications. If you can, it still is better to use the installer
>version because that will also install the Web Browser Plugin so you can
>see Etoys projects on the web without having to download them.
>- Bert -
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