[squeakland] PIC language project

Carlos Rabassa carnen at mac.com
Wed Oct 13 20:56:35 EDT 2010


there are a few teachers interested in this project.

Too much to translate.

I sent you copies of a few messages in Spanish.

The most important questions for you so far:

Apparently these teachers were expecting a go ahead probably from you.

I told them,  clarifying it was my own idea,  to get started with lessons 1 and 2.

At the end of Lesson 2 they would have their first message ready.

Suggested they publish it as an Etoys project in the showcase.

Then they will depend on you to make sure the Ojibwe children see it.

Let me translate a message received today from Rosamel of Durazno:

"How interesting!  How many teachers wishing to participate!

I would like to know how many native american children would be participating,  how many teachers do they have,  whether or not we would be able to exchange pictures of the places where they live and where we live.

We are two teachers,  María Barros and myself,  40 children,  from Full Time School No. 35 in Durazno.

Best regards to all,


I suggested she uses her questions as the subject for a first message to the Ojibwe children.

I told her my interpretation of your lessons summary which they now have in Spanish,  is that the only rule is "No Words".

Would very much appreciate your confirming or correcting what I said.

Most important point is how to communicate with the Ojibwe children.

My assumption is via Etoys projects in the Squeakland showcase,  counting on you to make sure they see any projects in the showcase posted for them by the south american children.

Please confirm.


Carlos Rabassa
Plan Ceibal Support Network
Montevideo, Uruguay

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