[squeakland] Lino Bessonart and María Mendez presenting Etoys to a sold out crowd today

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Sat Oct 16 08:36:35 EDT 2010


I agree with your comment.

May I take advantage of it to correct a big translation error in my previous message.

I wanted to put something nice and impacting as a subject.

Yesterday I received a notification to the effect that today´s event in Montevideo,  where Lino and María will have Etoys sessions,  is sold out.

So at the last minute I added "sold out" intending these two words as a qualifier for today´s event.

But the way it ended up it sounds like if the crowd they will address had sold out its soul to some special interest group!

Italians say

"Traduttore traditore" or "Translator [is a] traitor"

Google automatic translators are great but,  we have to handle them with extreme care or they become traitors.

Unfortunately they cannot handle text coming directly from the heart.

Lino´s comment is so good because you, me and probably all who read it had the feeling it came straight out of his heart.

But for Google to handle it automatically,  you have to cut it in small pieces,  otherwise the meaning may change completely.

Carlos Rabassa
Plan Ceibal Support Network
Montevideo, Uruguay

On Oct 16, 2010, at 8:15 AM, kharness at illinois.edu wrote:

> Carlos, 
> Thank you for the translation of Lino Bessonart . . . " a door to an endless universe of possibilities for learning"
> I agree wholeheartedly!
> Regards,
> Kathleen
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>> Subject: [squeakland] Lino Bessonart and María Mendez presenting Etoys to a sold out crowd today  
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>>  Lino Bessonart 
>>  has been one of the most enthusiast Squeakers in
>>  Uruguay.
>>  He is the fellow who spoke to us in Porto Alegre
>>  while demonstrating,  from Uruguay,  the distance
>>  training technique he uses to reach those who live
>>  far away from important population centers.
>>  He is the one many of us have to thank for his
>>  spanish Etoys training videos.
>>  He is the one,  together with María Méndez who
>>  will be conducting the Etoys sessions today during
>>  the event that will take place in Montevideo today.
>>  I noticed he became Uruguay´s Squeaker No. 76,
>>  leaving our country only 9 squeakers away from
>>  becoming No. 1 in the world!
>>  Lino wrote a very nice paragraph when signing up as
>>  a Squeaker.
>>  Unfortunately the automatic English translation
>>  didn´t come up well.
>>  This is my attempt to improve on it:
>>  Original
>>  Lino Bessonart de Ciudad de la Costa, Uruguay (desde
>>  2008) 2010-oct-14
>>  Cuando conocí etoys en las primeras xo que llegaron
>>  a Uruguay fue como abrir una puerta a un universo
>>  inacabable de posibilidades de aprender y ayudar a
>>  aprender a los niños de mi país. [GT]
>>  Translation
>>  "When I became acquainted with Etoys, through the
>>  first XOs that arrived in Uruguay, it was like
>>  opening a door to an endless universe of
>>  possibilities for learning for helping the children
>>  of my country learn."
>>  Thanks Lino.
>>  Best wishes to María,  to you and to all
>>  participants in today´s event!
>>  Received the notification the event is "sold out"-
>>  Congratulations!
>>  Carlos Rabassa
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