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It was told me VPRI is preparing a next Etoys, is it related?


Le 28/10/2010 06:47, Steve Thomas a écrit :
> On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 7:57 AM, Alan Kay <alan.nemo at yahoo.com
> <mailto:alan.nemo at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>     Please do follow through with your plan of asking for 3 (or 20) things
> Here are my list (blew past 3 and 20 ;)
>    1. Make it easier for kids to debug, "see" how scripts work and
>       start "playing computer" in their heads.
>          1. Visual debugger that allows single stepping scripts,
>             similar to the way Scratch works, also the ability to drag
>             out  a section of a script similar to Scratch. I have seen
>             kids use both methods to debug and figure out what is
>             going on and its very effective. One improvement over
>             Scratch would be a method where it doesn't execute the
>             next tile until you click a particular key, so kids can
>             control the pace.
>    2. Ability for kids to build their own set of tools to reuse and share.
>          1. The ability to create your own scripting tiles that can be
>             placed inside any script. They would have a slightly
>             different look so you can tell they are user created
>             scripting tiles. They would also have the option to allow
>             you to "look inside" and see how they work and modify them
>             if you like.
>          2. Scripts are decoupled from ?Players? and can be copied to
>             and/or associated with multiple objects. WIth appropriate
>             kid friendly error messages, ex: if you have a polygon
>             tile associated with a non polygon object.
>          3. Object Repository - a location where you can
>             store/share/retrieve objects you and others have created.
>    3. Improvements to "Playfield/Holder" so that it can be used as a
>       table/spreadsheet.
>          1. Auto-adjust width to width of item in the holder
>          2. fixed column/row height/width
>          3. Ability to reference other cells in the table
>          4. Ability to see/set padding sizes between objects
>    4. Ability to send emails from a project and/or store a file with
>       results that can be read
>    5. I/O functions for data collection, configuration, communications
>    6. The ability to easily reference a set of objects. I have at
>       times wanted to iterate through a list of objects to lock/unlock
>       them, set color/size or run some script on them.
>    7. All objects show collections category when you drop items into them.
>    8. Connector Labels that are placed near the middle of the line (vs
>       where the mouse is)
>    9. The ability make other objects siblings after they are created.
>        I often realize after the fact that I would like a set of
>       objects (with different costumes) to be siblings.
>   10. Tiles to set Playfield gridding size and tiles for other menu
>       items that you currently can't script. (although I noticed that
>       you can get the halo for a menu item and fire it which works
>       providing you don't have to enter values like in "set grid spacing".
>   11. More Explicit reference to Messaging (Scratch uses terms like
>       broadcast/receive) I  guess this is also coming from the fact
>       that it took me a while to figure out the behavior of some of
>       the scripting tiles.
> More Fun Stuff:
>    1. Robotics Interfaces: Arduino and Lego
>    2. An "ask" tile to get user input
>    3. Abiltity to glide to a position in X secs
>    4. Ability to Say a Speech Bubble for X secs, ...
>    5. Ability to sequence sounds and speech bubbles (ex: play sound
>       until done [then execute next tile])
>    6. tile(s) similar to Scratch's (change
>       <color|fisheye|whirl|pixelate|mosaic|brightness|ghost> effect by
>       [x])
>    7. Better sound and camera/video support.
>    8. Font Control in scripting tiles
>    9. Tile to "grab" a section of the screen (from x,y to x', y').
>       What I am thinking of here is I like to encourage kids to a)
>       make appropriate comparisons, so seeing the results of multiple
>       modeling runs side by side would be useful. Also for
>       combinations/permutations such as given two/three/four/... color
>       blocks how many different stacks can you make two/three/four/...
>       high.  This could probably be done by simply having them stack
>       the blocks in a playfield and copy the playfield (scaled down)
>       to a holder. Not sure about this one.
> User Interface Improvements:
>    1. Improved Visual Clues when placing items in scripts and Holders
>       to see where they are going to be placed. Too many kids struggle
>       with this and get frustrated (which I think is a big part of why
>       folks say "Scratch is easier") ex:
>          1. scripting tiles don't go where they want
>          2. An item is placed int the wrong spot in a holder
>          3. They add an item to an expression instead of being able to
>             change a value
>    2. Access to "Visual Help" at the scripting tile/menu item as
>       opposed to in quick guides. I am thinking here of an animation
>       of what the tiles/menu items actually do, with more than one
>       example so kids get the idea their are multiple ways to use them
>       not just one way. Similar to the ideas/work of a fellow (whose
>       name I can't remember :( but he did some smalltalk work similar
>       to PA Dreyfus' project Kids In Clouds
>       <http://www.squeakland.org/showcase/project.jsp?id=10265> he
>       wrote a paper on cartoon communication or something like that, I
>       am sure you folks will know who I am talking about when you look
>       at Kids in Clouds (Bert showed me his work at Squeakfest), if
>       you can get me his name I would appreciate it I want to re-read
>       some of his papers and I can't find them :(
>       Scratch does this with option click on a tile to get a menu
>       which includes help. But instead of a static help message,
>       animated help with multiple examples and try this or what would
>       happen if you tried ... or how could you use this to ... (ie:
>       prompts to get the kids to think)
>    3. Scrollable Viewer if items extend beyond viewable screen space.
>    4. Simpler entry of expressions in scripting tiles (parentheses is
>       the biggest pain)
>    5. Scrolling of Script Editors when the script is wider or taller
>       than its holder (ie: playfield or world)
>    6. In Holders, visualy move items out of the way to see where I am
>       going to insert an item.
>    7. Kid Friendly Error messages
>    8. Be able to toggle between full screen and partial screen
>       painting and allow the canvas to be moved
>    9. Improved Paint tools
>   10. Ability to flip horizontal/veritcal everything, not just graphics
> Thanks,
> Stephen 
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