[squeakland] [IAEP] S050 - Informática para Tontos / E050 - Computer Science for Dummies

Carlos Rabassa carnen at mac.com
Sat Apr 9 07:25:30 EDT 2011


Thanks for your suggestion.

If I have to do it,  I'm sorry but I have to decline.

I have no idea about what has to be done or how someone would be able to benefit from the effort.

If you or anyone else feels there is any value in anything I do,  please feel free to use whatever you find.

Most of what I have done so far,  mostly exercises for me to learn and be able to answer some of the questions received,  may be found at:

The Squeakland showcase everyone
This link points to one of my most recent projects:

Aprendo I Learn - A collection of pages I wrote mostly to answer questions received

Índice - A collection of items,  I prepared for my own use,  some written by me most by others

If you think all this is a mess,  I would certainly agree.

After the insistence of a some fellow volunteers at RAP Ceibal,  mainly Leticia Romero and Paolo Benini, whom I thank for their patience in dealing with me,   I am thinking of bringing some order to my files.

They have suggested a blog a few times.

From time to time they say blog and I say website,  sometimes I say website with link to a blog.

I believe that for storing information,  it should be a website.

This is the result of the first five minutes invested in creating a free website for this purpose:

There is no content yet in this site.


Interesting,  they mention how easy it is to find out things in a blog.

Today,  search engines search almost everything we put in internet no matter where it is.

An interesting curious example:

Our son had successfully made empanadas,  a typical uruguayan dish,  for some of his friends.

Now he wanted to go one step further and use home made dough rather than buying it ready.

He asked Mom for her recipe and,  this is how we found it and sent it to him right away:

Search using Google for "Nenny Rabassa empanada".

Select Google´s top recommendation.

Nenny,  my wife and business associate,  put it in internet some 12 years ago.

Nenny used to cook for our fellow real estate brokers to thank them for visiting our broker open houses.

That´s how some of her recipes ended up in internet.

Carlos Rabassa
Plan Ceibal Support Network
Montevideo, Uruguay

On Apr 9, 2011, at 1:44 AM, Edward Cherlin wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 17:36, Carlos Rabassa <carnen at mac.com> wrote:
>> S050 - Informática para Tontos
>> https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1FVJC2Ij4Vsub_3RJBu9HIhf6qRqdQVbq1WZrvebm7-c
>> E050 - Computer Science for Dummies
>> https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=131-kPidBmlTFE14DvSkYFGzNWlWD1KjY0lsAW673vag
> Would you like to turn this into a Replacing Textbooks project hosted
> at Sugar Labs?
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