[squeakland] Greetings from Montevideo, Uruguay

Christine Murakami cmurakami at columbusschoolforgirls.org
Wed May 23 09:35:02 EDT 2012

Yeah, sometimes the signature line gets lost in a text only message.

The blog URL is http://csgolpc2012.weebly.com

At some point soon, I'm going to post a website with all the cool projects my students have created in Etoys which include:
A ten-lesson set on Sanitation
A ten-lesson set on malaria
An 8-lesson set on music
A 13-lesson set on art

Most of these are already on the squeakland website but I find it hard to search. I'll send another message when I get them all online.

Thanks for your interest, Carlos! The weather here is not quite as oppressive as it was two years ago. Hope it holds! :)

I LOVE ETOYS!! This group is really the best! Thanks for all you do!


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Congratulations on your continued and successful efforts!

We were impressed with the group of girls and their work when we met in the U.S. Virgin Islands I believe in 2010.

We continue working as volunteers to help with Etoys and OLPC,  as volunteers.

We would like to share the material you just sent to the Squeakland list.  However, the message we received doesn´t seem to be exactly what you sent,  it suffered some changes when processed by the list.  I cannot find the blog you mention.  All I can get is the school´s website.

Could you post another short message containing only the link to the blog which I hope shows what you are doing this year in St. John´s?  I would like to share it with some of your uruguayan colleagues.

Thanks and best wishes to you all!


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