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Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

It was fun to make these projects for the museum. The director will be teaching her staff how to open these projects from the flash drive with Etoys-to-Go. Maybe they will want to learn some Etoys so they could go deeper into it as one of the museum offerings. At this time, children will not be authors but rather use the projects more like an app.

For the future, we are piloting Etoys in three local middle schools so we might have a cadre of teenagers who could volunteer there and then all kinds of new projects will be added.

Have you tried the Makey Makey? I plan to order one.
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Okay one more idea, hook it up to a Makey Makey and have kids "Draw their own controllers" Where they can use pencil and pager to make their own game/drawing controls.


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Wonderful (as usual).

I love the idea of using these on a Smartboard where kids can play with them and everyone can see.

Some ideas:
1) For Pencil Art - Allow the kids to:

  1.  Modify the colors in the pencil
  2.  See and change the script values so they can see how changing the numbers make different designs

2) For Red Rim/Orpheum Puzzel (and any Tanagrams in general)

  1.  Allow the kids to rotate and flip the objects
  2.  Allow the kids to create their own tanagrams (this might be better at a touch screen station where kids can build and share their projects - which get posted to the Museam Lobby with appropriate credit and a picture of the kid who created it).

Really great stuff,
Thanks for sharing,

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Good Morning All,
The link is to a set of Etoys projects for the Orpheum Children's Science Museum in Champaign,Illinois. http://etoysillinois.org/library?tags=At%20the%20Orpheum

The director asked that the projects be made for very young visitors to play with independently using the smart board in the museum's lobby. Perhaps you might find a use for these projects too. I would welcome comments and suggestions if you try them with children.

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