[squeakland] Etoys for touch screens

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Fri Oct 12 09:04:33 EDT 2012

On Friday 12 Oct 2012 11:19:56 AM Harness, Kathleen wrote:
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> <squeakland at squeakland.org> Subbu,
> What a great a idea! I know kids would love move shapes with their voice.
> Wait, I would love to move shapes with my voice!

Just after shooting of my earlier mail, I saw this talk on TED:


Skip to around 7m10s for an interesting use of sound for interaction.

My daughter once created a project to pilot an airplane using voice and tried 
it successfully with some neighborhood kids. However, it was too much for a 
small home to bear :-(. Anyway she did have lots of fun programming it.

Regards .. Subbu

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