[squeakland] Squeakfest 2013 in Uruguay

Rita Freudenberg rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Thu May 23 10:41:52 EDT 2013

There will be a Squeakfest again in Uruguay at June, 7th - 9th, this time in Atlantida. Etoys will cover the major part of the event, but there will also be workshops in Python, turtle art and robotics. After all, Uruguay is the country with XO-laptops in every elementary school and teachers are using the software which comes with Sugar.


From our education team, Randall Caton and myself are going to present Etoys workshops. This year, I'll introduce Kedama. I'm looking forward to an inspiring event!

If you want to help or know someone who would like to, I created a crowdfunding page to collect money to help to cover our travel cost. Please share as you like!



Rita Freudenberg
rita.freudenberg at ovgu.de

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