[squeakland] Retro Aesthetic In 'Vanilla Etoys' Tutorial

Jeremy Landry hakyoku at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 07:25:53 UTC 2018

Hi, I hope someone can give this tutorial a test run and see if it works
for them.  It is intended to be both a primer on what etoys is about when
it comes to making your own tools to make the thing you want to make as
well as give insights and instruction on achieving the specific goal of the
tutorial which is how to get retro-aesthetic out of Etoys using nothing but
Etoys.  It seems like a 'lot of steps' but since it's intended for the
absolute Etoys novice it covers more than just what it takes to create the
effect/final look.

The zip file contains over 200 screenshots with titles that put them in the
correct order as well as tells you what the actions and purpose of that
step and accompanying shot are for.  After each element is introduced the
first time, it is no longer shown in 'long form' (i.e. the first time a
playfield menu item is mentioned, it is shown through multiple screenshots,
the 2nd time it is assumed the reader remembered how to find that menu

If anyone runs through this tutorial has any ideas, concerns or it didn't
work for them or they have suggestions on making it a little more enjoyable
or novice-friendly, please chime in.

The zip file is on google drive and is around 5MB and includes the actual
project I constructed while taking all of the screenshots.  I will turn
this into a proper web-based page and maybe even put it into an Etoys Book
as well if there is interest so that one can flip through the book inside
Etoys while trying it out.

Thanks, all!


Download the tutorial here:
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