[V3dot10] [ANN] Potential Tools Support for Process for 3.10 and 3.9.1

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jan 6 01:53:34 UTC 2007

Dear 3dot10ees.

re: 3.10 process, and 3.9.1 process.

In collaboration with Edgar I have started an experimental process which 
I hope will be useful for working collaboratively to generate v3.10

Here is an example of existing functionality. You can try this at a 
command line near you:

# squeak Squeak3.9-final-7067.image 
path=http://squeak310.pbwiki.com/ in=From39To310 done=save&quit

This starts squeak with the 3.9 image, loading Installer as the startup 
document, installer uses the scripts, beginning at 
http://squeak310.pbwiki.com/From39To310 to upgrade. When everything is 
complete the image is automatically saved.

You can also try "in=From39To391".

Here is a relatively advanced example of how a developer might use it 
(the testing part is still to do):

The following command line, starts squeak with the current release 
image. It then loads Installer as the startup document, and Installer is 
instructed to upgrade From39To310. In performing this upgrade it will 
obtain the scripts for each step following a search path. In this case I 
have specified Instructions from my locally served txt files first, the 
development (unstable) branch second, or the release (stable) branch 
last. [up to this point is working] Once the install is complete, 
control is passed on to TestRunner, who runs all the usual tests. When 
the tests are complete the image is saved.

# squeak Squeak3.9-final-7067.image 
in=From39To310 next=TestRunner testsuites=allStandardTests 
reject=toDo;expectedFailures testlog=test.out done=save.

For creating a 'stable' version instead, the additional search path 
options are omitted and control is handed over to the 'TidyUp' script 
which removes the tests, and test tools before saving. e.g. 
"path=squeak310.pbwiki.com/ next=TidyUp done=save&quit".

While many of the details of 3.10 process have yet to be fleshed out. I 
defined 'From39To391' as the first step. I do not know what the existing 
process for 3.9.1 is, or whether there is one yet, but if you look on 
http://squeak310.pbwiki.com/From39To391 here we have in place a 
potential mechanism for harvesting and testing fixes from mantis in a 
collaborative manner. (can anyone tell me how the update stream works 
and whether it could be automatically generated from these scripts?)

To nominate a fix for harvesting from mantis, edit the page 
From39To391MantisFixes-dev, and add a snippet like so:


    **category:**  Squeak-Collections minor **author:** [renggli] (needs
    Prints wide-character using the safe form: (Character value: xxxx)
    rather than $
    <code st>
         Installer mantis fixBug: 5700.
    "[http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=5700|String-storeOn: to handle
    wide chars safely]"
    </code st>

This bug report on mantis has also been prepared for harvesting by 
appending a script as a note to the bug report (the last such script on 
the page is the one that Installer will use). The script nominates which 
of the uploaded files are to be loaded for applying the fix, and which 
are to be loaded to obtain test cases for the fix. e.g.

    "fix begin"
    Installer mantis bug: 5700 fix: 'Character-storeOn.st'.
    "fix test"
    Installer mantis bug: 5700 fix: 'Character-storeOn-testneeded.st'
    "fix end"

I have set up notifications for changes to these scripts on the wiki to 
be automatically be sent to the v3dot10 mailing list, on a daily basis.

thoughts, objections, and any feedback would be most welcome

best regards



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