[V3dot10] squeak310: AutoBuildAndTestImage

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Wed Jan 10 11:54:01 UTC 2007

>  Suggest build could be triggered by email notification from pbwiki.
>  Run Test in two phases, short tests first, then long tests. This will need
> all of the tests to be categorized 'a priori'. This will enable faster turn
> around of results. New tests will not automatically be in the long category,
> and so will be run in phase 1 even if they are quite long. This is ok.
> Possibly add a third phase, to run new tests first, and report results.
> Given that 'short tests' should take less than 5 minutes, this may not bee
> an issue.
>  Build test turn around in 20 minutes on my machine could be 10 on a modern
> pc? Long tests can be outside this limit. -- [kph]

I find it annoying to get updates like this.  This is pure
speculation, you aren't really saying anything.  I can't edit the
wiki, so I can't respond very well to what you are saying.  I don't
know what to do, but I am annoyed.  I don't even know what advice to
give you, because I like the work you are doing with Installer and the
wiki and don't want you to stop.

That message should have just been e-mail to the list, not a wiki page.

Maybe my problem is that I don't like the updates from the wiki.  I'd
rather get e-mail from you to the list when you think you made a
significant update, instead of getting an overly verbose message
saying almost nothing.  I get WAY too much e-mail, and this is not
helping at all.


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