[V3dot10] squeak310: AutoBuildAndTestImage

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 10 13:02:31 UTC 2007

Ralph Johnson wrote:
>>  Suggest build could be triggered by email notification from pbwiki.
>>  Run Test in two phases, short tests first, then long tests. This 
>> will need
>> all of the tests to be categorized 'a priori'. This will enable 
>> faster turn
>> around of results. New tests will not automatically be in the long 
>> category,
>> and so will be run in phase 1 even if they are quite long. This is ok.
>> Possibly add a third phase, to run new tests first, and report results.
>> Given that 'short tests' should take less than 5 minutes, this may 
>> not bee
>> an issue.
>>  Build test turn around in 20 minutes on my machine could be 10 on a 
>> modern
>> pc? Long tests can be outside this limit. -- [kph]
> I find it annoying to get updates like this.  This is pure
There is a "turn off emails" completely link on each update. Anyone on
the list could have clicked on it. I did ask for feedback/comments.
Edgar seemed to think it was a good idea to keep people informed.

> speculation, you aren't really saying anything.  I can't edit the
> wiki, so I can't respond very well to what you are saying.
The wiki is public, it has ALWAYS been public anyone can edit it! As I
have said before the anonymous password is 'squeak' or you can register
your identity with pbwiki.com for your own username and password. It is
no different than signing up with any other website.

How is it speculation?

I have loaded significant packages like Seaside, Magma and Pier and they
take quite some time. I would imagine/hope that running the upgrade
script for 3.10 would take less than an hour on my pc, translates to 15
minutes on a modern pc. If it doesn't then we can simply use some
intermediate images.

I have run all of the tests using the improved test runner which times
every test, it allows you to set a 'long tests threshold' and it will
categorise all of the 'long tests' for you. Running the remaining short
tests is pretty quick, less than 5 minutes, depending upon the threshold
that you set originally.

As I say this is not entirely speculation since I have done this already
and I would do it again if my laptop would stop overheating!

> I don't
> know what to do, but I am annoyed.  I don't even know what advice to
> give you, because I like the work you are doing with Installer and the
It would have been nice to get some positive feedback before this.
> wiki and don't want you to stop.
Sorry for annoying you.  One reason I can see that it is annoying is
that it was set to send only one update per day, this means that the
particular update that gets sent is a random one and is rarely relevant
to anything.

Personally I would propose setting the updates to every minute rather
than every day, and leaving it to email filters to sort out . Then the
discussion can happen in context on the wiki. Ok so if you like the
updates then simply request your own from pbwiki. If you dont then dont.

> That message should have just been e-mail to the list, not a wiki page.
That entry was one random musing in about 50, it just happened to be the
unlucky one that pbwiki chose to send to the list.

> Maybe my problem is that I don't like the updates from the wiki.  I'd
> rather get e-mail from you to the list when you think you made a
> significant update, instead of getting an overly verbose message
> saying almost nothing.  I get WAY too much e-mail, and this is not
> helping at all.
> -Ralph


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