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Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Fri Jan 12 10:04:59 UTC 2007

Keith Hodges puso en su mail :

> 1) Installer unload: <pattern match>
> This unloads multiple packages using the Monticello unload function. It also
> removes the empty category, and updates any browsers that will get upset if
> the category map changes.

I said you private what I using Monticello and don¹t see the advantages of
having duplicate things.
Squeak have enough at this point
> 3) Have been discussing with Edgar the desirability of having tests in one
> package.
> The goal being easy load/unload of tests. I do not think that the one package
> approach is flexible enough and so I am working on a viable alternative which
> builds upon the 3.9 packaging divisions.
> a) So for step 1, easy unload of Tests, all Tests (even tests from non-base
> packages, as long as the naming convention is used. The following oxymoron:
> Installer install: 'UnloadTests', which simply calls Installer unload:
> '*Tests-*'.
> b) For easy reloading of tests three options come to mind.
> Monticello configurations
> Installer script
> PackageUniverses, Tests (sub)universe!
> I think that the most elegant of these would be the PackageUniverses option,
> but I suspect that the most pragmatic option will be the Installer script
> option, so watch this space.

Here I said again.
I work in two fronts. Also try to reshape packages as exist today for have
new ones what could be loaded into MinimalMorphic without problems.
We wish some closer to MinimalMorphic ? MinimalMorphic  don't have SUnit and
all related.

See image size with and without

| ladrillos |
ladrillos := Installer squeaksource.
ladrillos project: 'Ladrillos';
 install: 'Tests-edc.26.mcz'
('Tests' 'SUnitGUI' 'SUnit' ) do:[:ea| (MCPackage named: ea) unload ].
#(TheWorldMenu FileServices AppRegistry Preferences FileList) do: [:cl|
(Smalltalk at: cl) removeObsolete].

I think what this could be optional for people what wish small size, as I
test what loading again works.

Remember. All is subject to change and could be done different.
But change is needed or status quo wins.



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