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stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Fri Jan 12 15:42:40 UTC 2007

I could not create an account.  So here is a list of fixes I think  
should be look at:

- Caching fonts (this is why 3.9 is slwo to open window).
- Speed up of marcus 1% for the benchmarcks browser
- fixes all the wrong categories left over of some MC packages
- MC merge of impara (published by Philippe marshall) so that we can  
have intialize in MC
- unimplemented methods http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=4544
- Pavel override fixes http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=4825

- I would really investigate "Areithfa Ffenestri" support is in the  
Mac and Windows VMs. You just need to install the image code. The  
only download location I know is Ffenestri-b1.sar in John's iDisk  
(http://homepage.mac.com/johnmci/FileSharing.html) under experimental/ 
- source code fix of klaus?
- remove ComplexNumber since it is buggy

On 12 janv. 07, at 12:35, Keith Hodges wrote:

> Dear Stephane,
>> It would be good that you show a list of FIX that you want to  
>> harvest.
>> Because people could give you feedback.
>> Stef
> I was hoping that it would work the other way around. People create  
> the list of fixes to harvest in the wiki.
> At present I have put a few together in
> http://squeak310.pbwiki.com/From39To391MantisFixes  "for definitely  
> needed now fixes"
> http://squeak310.pbwiki.com/From39To391MantisFixes-unstable  "for  
> other fixes/candidates"
> feel free to add to either one of these or encourage others to do  
> so if their fixes are worthy.
> To test them either run a commandline script (examples on the  
> FrontPage) or evaluate.
> Installer view: 'From39To391'.
> This will/should open up a workspace and you and load them in as  
> you wish, by selecting and doiting.
> cheers
> Keith
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