[V3dot10] Working with 3.10

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Sun Jan 14 09:35:48 UTC 2007

> In one place of mail he said.
>> " This is the plugin code and has been folded into VMMaker.
> So before think try, I need VMMaker, the last one what I could found.
>> From SqueakMap
> 12-3.8b6 - VMMaker for 3.8 and 3.9 - beta 6 release
> I found and have complaints about:
> No FFI constants, fix loading  'FFI-Kernel-ar.7.mcz'.

I think that this is normal since andreas asked explicitly that we  
remove FFI-kernel from 3.9

> Next complaint is about no KlattResonatorIndices, I load from last  
> 3.9 7067.
> At initialize , still complain lack KlattFrame.

This seems strange because Klatt seems to me attached to speech.
So may be some part of VMMaker should be moved to Speech or Klatt  

> I have VMMaker showing now for start experiments.
> The lessons.
> On working with 3.10 as with the others stripped images, at one  
> point or
> other thins like this happened and sure the Undeclared Dictionary  
> could show
> missing classes.
> The questions.
> How we could deal with this ?

I do not really understand your question but what would be important  
is to have a source.squeakfoundation.org/310
where we can publish packages that are adapted for 310 (and may be  
save on source.squeakfoundation/39a the right
version of VMMaker.

tim if you have that I can publish it in the source foundation.


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