[V3dot10] Request wiki.squeak.org be used instead of pbwiki

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jan 15 01:51:39 UTC 2007

Jerome Peace wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've have jousted with the pbwiki only a couple times.
> And maybe there is something to recommend it over the
> squeak swiki that I don't see. 
I did try swiki and it's not good enough imho,

a. swiki doesnt use real urls.
b. swiki's handling of files is not very good (you cant delete and names 
are chosen for you)

However I do think this would be a good thing to put in pier eventually, 
since pier has some hierarchy for organisation. Unfortunately pier lacks 
notifications and diffs.

I want a wiki that I do not have to host since my machine is not that 
reliable. Since the demise of www.swiki.net, this is the best I could find.

I am working on a process concept, the process is supposed to be wiki or 
site independent.  You can use locally served text files if you wish
> The old team is preparing to set things up to be done
> the way it was done last time.
I dont think so, I have not seen any signs of this. However it seems 
quite bizarre to me that the 3.10 release process has been committed to 
an end of January release, and no attempt has been made to open up or 
request that any of the resources (i.e. repository) be made available 
for achieving this to anyone who might be interested in using them. 
Finally Stephane was kind enough to make a sensible suggestion that a 
310a repository be opened up... a sensible move.

> The new eager not quite official guy is furiously
> generating new ways to do things. Meaning us old dogs
> have to learn a great number of new tricks just to
> keep up. 
Since some results have been requested for the end of January, you've 
got to expect furious! That is only 2 weeks away, (and I have a 200 
seater restaurant to paint asap!)

I feel quite old doggish myself ;-)
> We've got a lot of folk who know
> how-it-shouold-be-done if it were left up to them. And
> everyone is pulling in their own direction.
I disagree, we have one process proposal on the table so far (i.e. mine) 
which is still only 60% complete, which is designed to serve others in 
what they want to do. You or anyone can edit the wiki pages, you can add 
your own branch, or even your own wiki.

Since the goal is to serve others in attaining their goals then it is 
not aiming to pull anyone anywhere. I am fully expecting that with this 
process in place 3 different people could come up with 3 entirely 
different 3.10s, if they wanted to. From that point on its up to 
politics and negotiation as to which direction actually gets adopted.

> It would be nice if the guy who has been put in charge
> would at least be defered to when decisions are about
> to be made and not left having to make decisions about
> fait accompli's. 
It would be nice yes.

But Ralph talked about only really adopting technologies that were 
effectively up and working. Therefore putting the onus on the rest of us 
to get things up and working.

Hence the improvements to TestRunner actually had to be finished to 
stand any chance of being used. I still do not know if anyone has 
actually tried it yet!

The biggest problem as I see it is lack of feedback not lack of 
direction. Thank you for putting time in to providing the former

best regards


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