Constructive advice (was Re: [V3dot10] Too many chiefs, not enough indians.)

goran at goran at
Mon Jan 15 07:16:31 UTC 2007

Hi folks!

Marcus Denker <denker at> wrote:
> On 15.01.2007, at 05:40, Jerome Peace wrote:
> > As I read this list, I get the distinct impression of
> > too many chiefs and not enough indians.
> >
> > The old team is preparing to set things up to be done
> > the way it was done last time.
> I am not preparing anything. I just added a 3.10 project to source.sqf,
> which can not hurt...
> But I will unsubscribe from the 3.10 list, so everybody is happy.

No, no Marcus, please, PLEASE don't do that! Everyone who wants to
should be here, period. You are invaluable.

Still I agree a bit with Jerome (but not that bit about the "old team")
that there needs to be more visible leadership from Ralph here, IMHO.

I also don't think it is good that decisions and planning is being done
outside of the list. This may be unfair btw, I actually may be totally
wrong, but I got the feeling that work is being done that this list does
not "know about". Don't take this the wrong way - I just think it is
important that everything happens in the open so that we can track it.

So my constructive :) advice:

1. Ralph, you need to get into the decision making and post regular
progress posts or whatever. You are the team leader. There are about 60
posts to this list and only 3 or so from you. Take this as positive
encouragement, I know how hard it is to do what I ask you to do. :)

2. Make sure that we who follow the list only lightly can see what you
guys are up to and what the plans are. Currently I really have less of a
clue. A report from Ralph could clear this for me - then I can track
Ralphs posts.

regards, Göran

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