EToys Tests thoughts [Was: Re: [V3dot10] eToys in 3.10 and beyond]

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Mon Jan 15 08:55:03 UTC 2007

Milan Zimmermann puso en su mail :

> Thanks - Does it include reloading, and are eToys and Morhic loaded/unloaded
> separately? That would be amazing.
No reloading at this moment.
The only process to date is for KernelImage become MinimalMorphic.
I send proposal (and put into
password: elpelotero ) for take this image and polish for become 3.10alpha,
but no agreement was made and keep Etoys as in 3.9 was decided.

For the Test, seems good and promising.
I read carefully and send another mail later.



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