[V3dot10] Request wiki.squeak.org be used instead of pbwiki

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Mon Jan 15 20:19:46 UTC 2007

>> By process I mean, that you start with a request for a build, the  
>> build
>> happens automatically on a builder server, tests are run and reports
>> generated automatically, the resulting images then made available for
>> ftp, and any dependant builds then invoked. End to end process is  
>> what I
>> had in mind. That is what I am working on...
> Keith,
> For what's one opinion worth, I like and support all of the above  
> (automate
> this process end to end). Creativity is the force behind progress,  
> automation
> is the highway on which it's results are delivered, increasing the  
> time we
> have available to sit back and have more time for more creativity :)

I already mentioned that we had an automated process but some parts  
(testing) were missing.
	- the fact that squeak does not support ssh we had to move cs on the  
server with a script
	- then we already had scripts that would automatically create an  
image from a previous BUT
	they are some changes that you cannot do if you do not have atomic  
loading and
	squeak packages structure was not ironed enough so in certain  
occasion we had to
	create changeset and reorder them by hand.

I would like to stress again that we were not totally stupid to the  
point not to have a process or not to have
an automated way to producing an image. Now reality and complexity  
and lack of time to
improve MC and the code base led to the situation that we have.  Have  
a look at scriptLoader
it has different semantics, so that we could load a group of packages  
and benefit of the computation
provided by MC or one after the ones because else it would break.

Now if someone wants to have a look at what a student started to do I  
can ask him again to publish it on squeakSource.
He could download an image, a VM, unzip it, (he had another part that  
would run the test) but both parts were not connected.
The idea was to have a test server but he stopped.

You can find his code at http://source.smallhosting.info/


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