[V3dot10] Request wiki.squeak.org be used instead of pbwiki

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 17 07:29:01 UTC 2007

On 2007 January 15 11:13, Keith Hodges wrote:
> Easiest way to install TestRunner now is (I think)
> Installer installUrl: 'squeak310.pbwiki.com/Testing'.


I downloaded Installer from SQMapPackageLoader(SMPL). Let me verify my 
understanding of where it fits: Basically, it allows to install Packages from  
command line as opposed to using SMPL correct so far? Now, the packages can 
be located not only on SqueakMap, but also use other protocols, http, ftp, 
perhaps others. So for example I can do as above:

Installer installUrl: 'squeak310.pbwiki.com/Testing'.

I have a question at this point - isnt' there another way I can install 
packages from Workspace using a SMPL related class? (apart from using the 

As a next step i looked at pbwiki and see an example

Installer mantis fixBug: '3568 asFloat does not always answer nearest fp 

So it sound like it has some buildin smarts to go to mantis, look at an item 
and install from there. Does the above simply load all attached files from 
the BugID=3568 on Mantis? Does it have some added smarts to look whether the 
fix is already loaded (i guess that' irrelevant), whether the version number 
on Mantis = Version of Image, etc? Also I see these comments on Mantis on 
"fix begin"
 Installer mantis bug: 3568 fix: 'Kernel-Number-Fraction-asFloat-Patch.3.cs'.
 "fix test"
 Installer mantis bug: 3568 fix: 'Kernel-Number-Fraction-asFloat-Test.2.cs'.
 "fix end"
How did these comments appear, were they added by the Installer when it ran 
agains some (any?) image?

Sorry for all these questions, I just want to understand the motivation and 
position of the Installer. 

Also, regarding the TestRunner: I thought there were some changes to 
TestRunner by you, related to the Installer, but maybe I am misuderstanding.

Thanks Milan

> or simply have a go at applying From39To391
>  From the command line this would be.
> # squeak Squeak3.9-final-7067.image
> http://installer.pbwiki.com/f/Installer.st path=squeak310.pbwiki.com/
> in=From39To391 done=save
> best regards
> Keith
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