EToys Tests thoughts [Was: Re: [V3dot10] eToys in 3.10 and beyond]

Ralph Johnson johnson at
Wed Jan 17 15:01:38 UTC 2007

On 1/14/07, Milan Zimmermann <milan.zimmermann at> wrote:
> The list describe tests I plan to create. I have little idea whether, if
> implemented, this will help or not and I would appreciate any comments,
> mainly on usefulness Steps 6 and 7 (8 and 9 are just expansions on 7) -

I'm skeptical of step 6 but I think the tests in step 7 would be very useful.

My experience is that it is better to test the behavior of programs
than to test their structure.  The tests of step 6 will break every
time someone refactors the code.


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