[V3dot10] TestServer ideas and discussion

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 17 22:59:26 UTC 2007

Dear Milan,

from what I can see of the project mentioned by Stephane as a 
TestServer, it appears to be a 'package tester', it may also have a 
seaside ui.

I suspect that as we are aiming for more minimal images, with more 
loadable bits, the solution that we are aiming for will need to be able 
to run in a minimal configuration, rather than in an image loaded with 
seaside etc.

At present a proposed solution for testing is for the 'auto-build-test' 
system to invoke  squeak  from the command-line with TestRunner with 
some command line parameters. It performs the test run, and remains open 
with the results. Logging is the next implementation step. Logs are then 
served up or emailed for users to see results.

At some point however we may have succeeded in removing sufficient 
pieces to leave us without enough GUI for TestRunner, so we will 
eventually need something else.

For me the minimal 'ideal' configuration is an image which starts up 
just enough to run a script on the command line and return a result. 
Kind of like ruby -e "p 2+2".

For the minimalist type of scenario I am suggesting that we use an 
adaptation of TestRunner, a text based test runner from the SSpec 
(testing/behaviour driven development specification framework) port. 
This port is available in www.squeaksource.com/Testing in the 
Testing-Common package. (dont load into a treasured image since it may 
leave a load of testcase classes with 'obsolete TestCase' superclasses).

I would like to get SSpec into the testing arena also because it has 
wizzy new features like mocks.

Thats just my 2p

best regards


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