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Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at
Thu Jan 18 03:35:26 UTC 2007

On 2007 January 17 17:56, Ralph Johnson wrote:
> When I suspect that methods are missing, I usually pull up two images
> side by side and compare classes in the browser.  If I were looking
> for a needle in a haystack (i.e. one method out of thousands) then I'd
> write a little script to write out the list from one image and read it
> into the other.  

That's cool, no static list stored in string but on the fly comparison of two 
images, thanks.

> In any case, I'd do it on an ad hoc basis while 
> trying to generate the module, and wouldn't expect automated tests for
> it.  After all, my modularizing tools should just *work*!

:) When the time's right, could you describe the modularizing tools? (hope I 
did not miss something, appologize if I did)

> It is useful to measure the coverage of tests.  


> Which methods get run 
> by a test, and which are not run?  I know there is a Squeak package to
> measure coverage, but I haven't used it and don't remember it
> off-hand.

I searched SqueakMapPackageLoader for something named "cover" or similar and 
also googled, but found no useful "test code coverage" links for Squeak, 
except a brief comment at "Michel then demoed a 
coverage tool....". It seems it should not be too difficult to write a tool 
that at least measures what % of messages out of all messages are sent from 
the tests.

> But if your tests cover most of the methods in a package, 
> you don't need to write a test to make sure that the methods are
> loaded.  The tests will do it automatically.

I agree but I think at least for eToys, I cannot even hope to get remotely 
close to 100% coverage, although, in a way, if the projects loaded are 
complex, that may exercise large number of methods just by loading the 
projects, (eToy projects can be saved and reloaded with the scripts running, 
so that should exercise quite a bit of code)

Thanks for all you comments and help,


> -Ralph
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