[V3dot10] Proving the auto-build system

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Fri Jan 19 12:38:47 UTC 2007


the problem is the following

	- can you publish new packages once you loaded your fixes
	- can you reload your packages once you saved them

Because you can have a vicious CS that is manually edited that loads  
Then you save your package it work well.
Then some weeks later you reload the packages because you merge  
and the code does not reload because the package code does not  
inforce the
same load order....and boum you cannot have a reproduceable set of


On 19 janv. 07, at 13:24, Keith Hodges wrote:

> I propose to use the process of rolling out a few useful fixes into  
> 3.9, to create a 3.9.1 as the test case for the new auto-build system.
> Once the build system is in place, in a week or so, I would use the  
> build system to produce a 3.9.1 alpha. I propose to ask squeak-dev  
> for their favourite fixes and we have quite a few on the table  
> already. After 2 or three weeks of attempting to adopt these fixes  
> and writing tests for them, I would move to 3.9.1beta, where end  
> users are encouraged to give feedback on the results.

What is the output of your process? A set of new packages?

> Then, from 3.9.1beta, we would write the code for updating the  
> repositories in squeak foundation in 39a. As user feedback from the  
> 3.9.1beta enables us to go final, the repositories can be updated,  
> and an update stream which loads the new packages from the  
> repositories can be published, in order to deploy 3.9.1.

I'm sure that I can publish a three methods cs that breaks your  
dreams. Try to refactor PasteUpMorph to see what I mean.
Your CS will load but your package may not.


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