[V3dot10] TestServer ideas and discussion

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Sat Jan 20 02:57:12 UTC 2007


Thanks for the info, I agree removing GUI will bring lots of challenges even 
for things like testing, because everything in Squeak uses UI.  (SSpec looks 
interesting a bit too much for me to absorb on a quick look)


On 2007 January 17 17:59, Keith Hodges wrote:
> Dear Milan,
> from what I can see of the project mentioned by Stephane as a
> TestServer, it appears to be a 'package tester', it may also have a
> seaside ui.
> I suspect that as we are aiming for more minimal images, with more
> loadable bits, the solution that we are aiming for will need to be able
> to run in a minimal configuration, rather than in an image loaded with
> seaside etc.
> At present a proposed solution for testing is for the 'auto-build-test'
> system to invoke  squeak  from the command-line with TestRunner with
> some command line parameters. It performs the test run, and remains open
> with the results. Logging is the next implementation step. Logs are then
> served up or emailed for users to see results.
> At some point however we may have succeeded in removing sufficient
> pieces to leave us without enough GUI for TestRunner, so we will
> eventually need something else.
> For me the minimal 'ideal' configuration is an image which starts up
> just enough to run a script on the command line and return a result.
> Kind of like ruby -e "p 2+2".
> For the minimalist type of scenario I am suggesting that we use an
> adaptation of TestRunner, a text based test runner from the SSpec
> (testing/behaviour driven development specification framework) port.
> This port is available in www.squeaksource.com/Testing in the
> Testing-Common package. (dont load into a treasured image since it may
> leave a load of testcase classes with 'obsolete TestCase' superclasses).
> I would like to get SSpec into the testing arena also because it has
> wizzy new features like mocks.
> Thats just my 2p
> best regards
> Keith
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