[V3dot10] Prototyping an autobuild system

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Sun Jan 21 14:17:44 UTC 2007

On 1/16/07, Keith Hodges <keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> a. A script runs periodically to check an rss feed to see if any pages
> have changed. It only looks at the first 150 lines or so to obtain the
> most recent changes rather than wasting time parsing the whole lot.
> (alternatives, check a mailbox file, or run a smail script on receipt of
> email - I think that the rss solution is the most generic)


> f. when the script completes the resulting files, and images are moved
> to suitable destinations to be of use to users. For example after a test
> run, the resulting test image will have the TestRunner open displaying
> all errors and failures ready for debugging.

> any thoughts, cos my brain hurts

I don't understand what the purpose is.  Is this for testing proposed
changes to the standard image?  If so, it seems like overkill.  Can
you explain how you expect people to use the system?  I'd more focus
on how the system would be used and less on how it would be

I do not think that a test server needs to save images.  If it is
building images from a script then anybody who wants an image can
build it.  Many images will not have a GUI so you won't be able to
have TestRunner open anyway.


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