[V3dot10] And to 3.10

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Sun Jan 21 14:23:20 UTC 2007

> What are the plans concerning the integration of bug fixes?
> (There is a lot of stuff on Mantis that waits to be reviewed and
> integrated)

Review it!  Please!

The way that Mantis is set up, anybody can review anything.  When
people seem to like a change then we'll include it.  Including it is
easy, deciding whether it is good is hard.  If you do the hard part
then we'll do the easy part.

There are a lot of open issues on Mantis for which there are fixes.  I
would like to either reject these (i.e. decide that the fix is not
good) or put them into 3.10.  But I am not going to singlhandly decide
which ones to put it.

-Ralph Johnson

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