[V3dot10] Re: needed tool

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 22 02:37:58 UTC 2007

[V3dot10] needed tool

Hi Ralph,

This hits the nail on the head.  The major learning
from 3dot9 is MC and Changesets (and Changesorters)
have to interoperate.

MC was built for small module maintainence and doesn't
work well on the image scale. In images you have not
only modules but also code "glue" that holds modules
together and makes them whole.  This is where the
messiness of the packaging system comes in. Trying to
find the right packages for the "glue".

Thoughts of others and myself on the subject are at:
ChangeSorter vs. ChangeSet vs. Monticello


So I am with you on wanting to see this happen.

I'm not in a position to volunteer for the main task.
I can offer to assist with code review and pair
programming. And maybe even code smaller pieces of the
the project.

This is a good way to streghten squeak. Thanks for
pointing out the need for it.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace

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