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Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 22 03:51:56 UTC 2007

On 2007 January 19 15:01, Edgar wrote:
> My crazy idea is continue this previous work and change the
> organization of classes for managing with Monticello , unloading and
> later loading this "Ladrillos" into MinimalMorphic.

Edage, would a brick be roughly equivalent to one or several Monticello 
Packages? Also, do you see Morhic, once managed separately, divided into more 
packages, let's say "minimal morphic" and "rest of morphic", and also eToys 
separated from Morphic, or perhaps eToys part of "rest of morphic"...

Thanks Milan

> I have a new unapproved Nebraska what could be loaded into
> MinimalMorphic, without any complaints, no Undefined and seems work.
> But when I private exchange info with Ralph still no ideas of how
> automatic test this.
> My hand use say could be fine, but ...
> And the last was BookMorphAndFriends, with all necessary classes for
> having Books into MinimalMorphic.
> This last need source refactoring for no complaints, so I need help
> and consensus.
> Or people need trust me.
> I plan complete this "partition" and in my experiments I believe what
> at the end of this phase we could have maybe 5 or 6 "Ladrillos" what
> could be unloaded and loaded safe into MinimalMorphic.
> In my ftp is still MinimalAgreement.7213.zip for any what wish see my
> proposal, I hope Pavel resume soon his magic and some new "Ladrillo"
> could be done or reshaped.
> And I hope people complaints a lot on this release and next time was
> ready for a more deep change , this time Pavel way
> Edgar

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